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DOCSIS CMTS Equipment Vendors

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Arris Cadent C4 and Cadent C3 series CMTS products. Arris sales information, knowledge base.

Blonder Tongue Communication Station CMTS product. See BlonderTongue sales information.

C9 Networks CMTS Products: Innovative, integrated and user friendly. Sales and contact information.

Coaxial Networks IRIS CMTS and provisioning software. Sales and contact information.

Casa Systems C2200 CMTS product and DOCSIS 3.0 qualified C3200 CMTS product. Casa Systems sales information.

Cisco uBR10000 and uBR7200 series CMTS products. Cisco sales information.

ChongQing JingHong JH-HE2080 CMTS. 1U design, integrated upconverter. Sales and company information.

Damery OPAL Docsis 2.0 CMTS series for indoor and outdoor usage. Sales and company information.

Daphne JADE series CMTS products. Sales and company information.

Motorola BSR 64000 and BSR 2000 series CMTS products. Email broadband at for information.


Damery CORAL ( Docsis 3.0 ) / OPAL (Docsis 2.0 CMTS) series for indoor and outdoor usage. Sales and company information.(

Daphne SA :Data Phone Network Solutions & applications, based on the CMTS products : JADE /OPAL /CORAL can be accessed from Sales and company

Rincon Technology: Sales and company information. Please contact for your equipment needs.

LICA miniCMTS is targeting small to middle sized CATV networks, hotels and larger common antenna systems. For more information visit the website

cmts Installations, upgrades and migrations.. from wiring to training techs in the field. looking to go from docsis 3.0 to 3.1 or increase capacity to the your current 3.0 system? we can help you like we've helped others

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