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Technicolor TC7200

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Technicolor TC7200

There is a Technicolor TC7200 CM_Firmware: STDD.01.04
You can share the new firmware.
Perhaps it's in the firmware, in the description of the TC7200, it simultaneously supports the wi-fi 2.4G and 5G network.
On firmware STDD.01.04, only the choice of 2.4G or 5G.

TC7200 or TC7200.20


The TC7200 supports parallel wifi by default, but there is TC7200.20 or TC7200.U which have only one wifi card, the wifi frequency selectable on that model. Are you sure you have TC7200? The TC7200 firmware name start with STCE or STCF, the TC7200.20 STDD or STDC