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Ubee EVW32C


I have experience only with old CPE Docsis 2 Thomson THG541 and config related to it...CMTS is CASA C3200.

Now I want to implement new CPE Ubee EVW32C and I have an initial config file and I successfuly configure DATA service.
I have an issue with MTA part...the CPE doesn't get an IP on MTA interface.

I don't know in config file which parameter do I need to enable MTA interface.

I use Docsis configuration file creator.

Thanks in advance, vaitapu

I added:

I added:
SnmpMibObject enterprises.7432. Integer 1 ;

to the config file.

I also telnet to the CPE and check log:
CM_Console/emta> EMTA: option 122 missing in DHCP offer from
EMTA: no ip-pref, check for 122 or 123.
EMTA: Rejecting offer - no 122 or 123, no ip-pref.

I assume that the issue isn't in config file but in config of DHCP server.
Old THG541 modems works fine...

Could anyone have some advice?

Thanks in advance, vaitapu

DHCP Option 122 missing

please look at this thread:

You'll need to setup option 122 according to your setup.