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help problem with downstream cmts c3 arris

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help problem with downstream cmts c3 arris

Hi good day
I have a problem with my cm3 c3 arris which is the next problem is that my cable modem stopped taking downstream and previously it was working it should be mentioned that I have another c3 in production and this works normally. My question would be if there is any way to do a general test of all parts of the cmts as a diagnostic sheet? Or if it could be some component of the cmts like some card? since my upstream interfaces work when activated, they are activated without problem but the problem is that the modem cable does not take downstream has this ever happened to you? I currently have a motorola modem cable connected with a coaxial cable from the downstream port and a coaxial cable from the upstream port, all this to a spliter of 2 outputs, thus combining both channels with rf attenuators but still does not take any synchronization with the cable frequency configured in 1/0 cable

Then I share the configuration of my cable interface

/////////////////////////////CMTS CONFIG/////////////////////////////////////.

interface Cable 1/0
cable utilization-interval 10
cable insertion-interval automatic
cable sync-interval 10
cable ucd-interval 2000
cable max-ranging-attempts 16
cable sid-verify
cable flap-list size 500
cable flap-list power-adjust 3
cable flap-list aging 259200
cable flap-list insertion-time 180
description "NODO"
no shutdown
! mac-address
load-interval 300
snmp trap link-status
bridge-group 0
ip address X.X.X.X X.X.X.X
ip address X.X.X.X X.X.X.X secondary
no allow-ip-only
no cable source-verify
no l2-broadcast-throttle
no downstream-dhcp-server-allowed
throttle-credits initial 15 running 2
ip access-group 101 in
ip access-group 101 out
ip igmp enable
ip dhcp relay
ip dhcp relay information option
no ip dhcp relay validate renew
ip dhcp relay non-broadcast
cable helper-address X.X.X.X
cable helper-address X.X.X.X cable-modem
cable dhcp-giaddr policy
cable downstream rate-limit
cable downstream admission-control 100
no cable downstream admission-limit
cable downstream broadcast service-class default
cable downstream multicast service-class default
cable downstream multicast admission-limit 90
no cable downstream priority-qos
cable downstream mac-mode docsis
cable downstream channel-id 1
cable downstream tsid 0
cable downstream channel-width 6mhz
cable downstream frequency 537000000
cable downstream interleave-depth 32
cable downstream modulation 256qam
cable downstream power-level 55
cable privacy accept-self-signed-certificate
no cable privacy check-cert-validity-periods
cable privacy kek life-time 604800
cable privacy tek life-time 43200
no cable shared-secret



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