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What is this Broadcom OID identifier

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What is this Broadcom OID identifier

what is this Broadcom enterprises OID object identifier:

Which MIB file describes this OID?



Name: cdPrivateMibEnable
Full path: iso(1).org(3).dod(6).internet(1).private(4).enterprises(1).broadcom(4413).cableData(2).cableDataPrivate(99).cableDataPrivateMIB(1).cableDataPrivateMIBObjects(1).cableDataPrivateBase(1).cdPrivateMibEnable(1)

Parent: cableDataPrivateBase
Next sibling: cdPrivateMibEnableKeyTable

Numerical syntax: Integer (32 bit)
Base syntax: INTEGER
Composed syntax: INTEGER
Status: current
Max access: read-write [rw-]
Value list: 1: disabled(0)
2: factory(1)
3: engineering(2)

Description: Setting this object to disabled(0) causes the entire cableDataPrivate
branch of the MIB to permanently disappear. Once all private
operations are complete, this object should be set to disabled(0).
Setting this object to factory(1) will expose the
cableDataPrivateFactory branch, but will hide the
cableDataPrivateEngineering branch. Setting this object to
engineering(2) will expose the cableDataPrivateEngineering branch
in addition to the cableDataPrivateFactory branch. Initial value for
this object is factory(1).

Thanks for helpful info.

Thanks for helpful info.

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