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UBR10k line card message

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UBR10k line card message


I have this message shown in logging periodically:
SLOT 7/1: May 20 04:56:20.700: %INTR_MGR-3-BURST: SLOT 7/1 - BCM3140 US PHY: BCM3140 Chan11 Error [15665354]

with this message all time:
SLOT 7/1: May 20 04:51:48.376: %UBR10000-5-USPHY_BAD_INTR: USPHY with physical channel 11 gets too many error interrupts
I read that cisco recommend power cycle this line card, but what should i do with %INTR_MGR-3-BURST, i can't find any info about BCM3140 US PHY

Doesnt sound good, perhaps a

Doesnt sound good, perhaps a faulty receiver chip?

You can see the mapping of upstream connectors to receivers "show cable urm"

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