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Test Server Provisioning without CMTS

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Test Server Provisioning without CMTS

how to transparently test my provisioning server without a CMTS, only with my proxy server and mikrotik or through some ping?



I do not know case where you can do this without CMTS. (Although it may still exist.)
I recommend you a real cheap/old pizzabox CMTS for test.
Like the Motorola BSR 1000 or 2000 CMTS.
Or like Com21 CMTS (Arris C3 older version with same Arris SW).

Simple scripts

I have written a perl script which acts as a dhcp client of CM. Then it also downloads config file. I did it to check my DHCP/TFTP via nagios. There are two scripts as I have two different services but you can easly combine them into one.



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