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SecureCRT Casa Hotkeys

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SecureCRT Casa Hotkeys

I'm used to shift w working as a backspace more or less, as a simple example.

I'm new to Casa.

What are the general hotkeys for these cmts?

Welcome to a Casa!

Welcome to a Casa!

I am not quite sure what your looking for...

I am not aware of any Secure CRT Hot Keys on a Casa.

But if your new these should help:

page off / no page off -- turn off/on paging default paging on, this is useful for long output usual space bar or enter to advance page at a time and a `q` to quit equivalent to terminal-length 0 on other platforms

show this - used in configuration mode to see the stanza your editing. i.e. interface qam 0/0 change a frequency, you can verify the change without leaving config by using show this

otherwise the Casa cli should behave very similar to a linux shell, in fact Casa runs on linux and the cli is just a specialized shell.

SecureCRT button bar

I'm a big fan of SecureCRT. versions 6 and higher have button bars and buttons that you can create, so create a button for what you would normally do. in my case, I have a bar for Cisco, Arris and Casa.
my Casa start button checks the chassis stat. modem count, show env, cpu info, users current, ddos, snr and burst noise. so with one button I have a quick idea how the system is doing overall. think as an alias, but multiple run with the click of one button.

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