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Questions about upgrading RFSW

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Questions about upgrading RFSW

I want to upgrade RFSW.
However, the following error occurs.(bootflash)
Do you know the cause and measures?
I am suffering from serious trouble

rfswitch>copy tftp:1935001301a.bin bootflash:noverify
Connecting to TFTP server at ...
Opening flash for writing...
Receiving file...
** file error **
Closing flash...
Error -369: Invalid File Format   ←★error

rfswitch>copy tftp:1935001301a.bin flash:
Connecting to TFTP server at ...
Opening flash for writing...
Receiving file...
Reception complete. 327680 bytes (18554 bytes/sec)
Closing flash...

rfswitch>show file
bootflash: Status (0,0)
HdrCrc : 0x32457f46
DataCrc : 0xaa88ac6d
File : 1935022H
Type : SYS
Version : 2.30
Date : Jan 6 2004 , 09:44:16
Size : 262144
LoadAddr: 0x00050000

flash: Status (0,0)
HdrCrc : 0x6df1c126
DataCrc : 0xa15d3788
File : 1935001301a
Type : APP
Version : 400r3
Date : Aug 19 2008 , 14:28:56
Size : 327680
LoadAddr: 0x00050000

Aha! This brings back some

Aha! This brings back some memories, yes we had this same issue a fair while back

Some RF switches would take the upgrade OK, and others would give the error you quote "Error -369: Invalid File Format"

If memory serves me correctly, it happens because there are 2 x different ethernet cards for these devices, and that file doesn't suit them both

One card is 10baseT only, the other is 10/100baseT (you can see the card type via "show ver")

I think the file you quote above works for the older 10baseT model, but the 10/100baseT requires a newer file

The cisco documentation around this topic is pretty hopeless/confusing, and I remember we had troubles trying to download the various files from cisco

But I reckon it was 1935001301a (V400r3A) for the 10baseT cards, and 1935001302a_rc3 (V4.00rc3B) for the 10/100baseT cards

Hope that helps!

Thank you for your

Thank you for your instruction.
I will check "show ver".

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