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PRE-2 x PRE-4

I need to replace a PRE-2 card with a PRE-4. Do you have any recommendations for not losing the settings? just save the starting-config on the new card?

Thank you, Flavio.

The PRE4 not supports the HH

The PRE4 not supports the HH-1GE cards, so needed to replace the HH-1GE with SIP-600 Jacket card and a 5x1GE SPA or 1X10GE SPA card in it.
After then you should edit your startup-config.
Delete HH-1GE from it (with this the interfase settings will be unusable too), then add the interface configs to the SPA's interface.
If the boot system flash filename command is in the config, it is recommenden to edit it too.
After than the upgrade is easy.

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