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New CNR configuration

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New CNR configuration

Hi Folks,
I have a CNR ver. 7.0.1, installed and working fine with IP address Besides, for testing purposes I'm using a Cisco CMTS uBR10012 configured already and one Motorola CM already registered in the CMTS / CNR. So far so good. Now I deployed a new CNR (in a new PC) ver. with IP address and changed the cable helper-address to in the same CMTS but the CM isn't registering. I'm pretty sure that I did set up the CNR fine (like the working one ver. 7.0.1) but there's no possible way for the CM to register. I issued the debug commands in the CMTS to see where the problem is but I'm getting nothing, just:
SLOT 8/1: Jan 2 18:29:17.669: %UBR10000-5-UNREGSIDTIMEOUT: CMTS deleted unregistered Cable Modem 3060.2371.xxxx
Jan 2 18:30:34.848: Cable8/1/0 UCID 1 CM 3060.2371.xxxx state 8 ack 1 time 11842 init time 11841
Can anybody help me please???
thanks in advance. BR
Happy New Year!!!


You can write me at my email I can give you a hand. !!
write me maybe there is a problem in the cfg of ubr cmts or in the dhcp of cnr

what does show cable modem

what does show cable modem 3060.2371.xxxx say? init(d) ?

Make sure you have got working routing between the CMTS and new DHCP server
Can the CMTS ping DHCP server ( ?
Can the DHCP server ping the CMTS ?

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