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Motorola BSR1000-Coship CM problem

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Motorola BSR1000-Coship CM problem

Hi all!

First of all I am quite unexperienced with all this so I would really appreciate
any kind of tips,suggestion from you guys.

We are runing BSR1000 CMTS with Motorola 5101e modems on the network with no problems and now
testing Coship CCM6220 cable modems but unsucessfully. Coship gets stuck on dhcpdiscover dhcp(d)
and then restarts scaning DS and US.

Can you give mi some hints what should I look in to to try make this work.


If the modem has a self-diag

If the modem has a self-diag page ( or something like that), you might be able to check the logs to see if you can determine what the modem is complaining about.

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