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Modem Accounting - Traffic - DL/US

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Modem Accounting - Traffic - DL/US

Greetings all users,

I wanted to ask you what would be the best way to get the data rates that a modem is using like : Download traffic speed and upload traffic speed to the ubr10k cmts with different modems/gateways.

1. Is it a good way to read the ifHCIn/OutOctets counters from the modem. If yes which interface id should i read.
Right now i'm doing it like this:
$dl = trim(shell_exec("snmpget -Oqv -v 2c -On -c public {$modemip}"));
$ul = trim(shell_exec("snmpget -Oqv -v 2c -On -c public {$cip}"));
But i see that some of the traffic are not passing through the .1 interface id.

What would be a solution to read this data directly to the cmts through snmp for every modem.

And what solution do you prefer to graph them with rrd.
-> CF -> Max or Average and how many minutes in between should i save the data.

I would be thankful if anyone can support me on this case to get the acquirate data of the traffic accounting from the modems.

Thank you very much.

check out the

check out the cdxCmtsServiceExtTable

This will get you the packets/octets in/out to the modem, but if your really interested in accounting you should look at IPDR which is Accounting.

Hello kwesibrunee,

Hello kwesibrunee,

Thanks for your quick reply.-
Is there anyone who has any script to share with me how to read the main downstream/upstream service flows from Cisco CMTS and Also BSR64k.-

I`m planning to make a small provisioning system and need to know how to get accounting data from the cable modems or the CMTSes.-

I would like to start IPDR but until now i couldnt make it work-.

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