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Mikrotik router as a DHCP, TFTP and NAT

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Mikrotik router as a DHCP, TFTP and NAT


I have this task to do. Migrate our dhcp server that I built in Ubuntu server using isc-dhcp and tft server. I hava a Mikrotik that I use as a Nat, working very well.
I'm trying to implement a tftp server and dhcp server with the same mikrotik router but I cat get my modem to download the config file.
I want some help if anyone have a system working with Mikrotik.

Hi Cardori,

Hi Cardori,

I think this document, help you with basic settings.

BR Lukas

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Not possible on Mikrotik, due

Not possible on Mikrotik, due to lack of DHCP options to configure.
CMTS also can use leasequery to DHCP for checking allowance to add to ARP table.
Also keep tracking of IP assigned to CPE over specific CM is done on option 82. And need to store in DB for a long time.
Also TFTP could die if you have CMTS reset/power outage, so all modems goes online one time.

The only where Mikrotik can work well is NAT or switching..... until you try NAT on Cisco ASA/vASA :) Is way more faster and more advanced !

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