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IPDR CPR-TYPE question

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IPDR CPR-TYPE question

We have a scenario we are trying to solve using the IPDR-CPE-TYPE but have not found a work around yet.
Is there a way for the CPE-TYPE IPDR record to pull more than 1 IP address when the same MAC is used?
We see some customers have a Cable Modem in “bridge mode” and a CPE device behind the cable modem that has two or more IPs on a single MAC address.

Scenario Tested

  • Hooked up a Linux computer as a CPE to an Arris Cable modem.
  • The eth0 interface configured for DHCP which was set to 69.xx.xxx.xx
  • Then configured eth0:1 (IP Alias using the same MAC as eth0) with 69.xx.xxx.xx (different IP then what is on eth0)
  • Connected to the Cable Modem via Wireless using two smart phones and DHCP
  • Smart Phone 1: IP: 69.xx.xxx.xx MAC: xx-8F-C6-B3-xx-xx
  • Smart Phone 2: IP: 69.xx.xxx.xx MAC: xx-18-28-16-xx-xx
  • Never saw 69.xx.xxx.xx that is connected to eth0:1 in the CPE-TYPE file

Thanks in advance for any light someone might be able to shed.