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I can solve your problem

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I can solve your problem

Hi All,

If you are struggling with budget on a private cable system or even a small franchise cable system I'd like to offer you some help. I don't work for free, but as someone who has been there I know it's a tough business with not a lot of money up front. I can offer you solutions in the following areas:

DHCP configuration
Static IP assignment
Captive portals
EMTA/VoIP/PNX setup and configuration
CMTS setup and configuration
Custom program guide channel http://teletran02.starlightcable.com/grimlock?propertyId=RH
Custom weather channel http://teletran02.starlightcable.com/prime?propertyId=RH
Custom community channel http://teletran02.starlightcable.com/rodimus?propertyId=RH
Custom billing/workorder/cable modem management software
Cost effective Digital IPTV integration.
Wireless CMTS systems
Business advice

I've have to do it all and found a way to make money in this industry. You no longer need to live in fear of comcast. I have a network of contacts all over the world and can solve any issue you have. The gap between the old RF guys and the new IP guys has been bridged. I just wanted to offer peace to any troubled soul out there who it feeling overwhelmed. This fourm has helped me a lot over the years and I want to help you. I will work with you and make your system profitable. Contact me.