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Example donwstream load balance uBR7246

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Example donwstream load balance uBR7246

Hi all

I am new on cmts, but I like to know how I can do

I have a uBR7246 - MC28U,

And I like to know what I need and configuration examenple to do downstream balance for the 8 upstream

I like to use ford all upstream the same freec 35Mhz, the Upstream separate and the 2 channel dowsntream on D0-627Mhz / D1-633Mhz

and all CM come equal register en the downstream channels, method by CM register .

I will be happy for your help.

Thanks and sorry for my bad English

As far I know, load Balance

As far I know, load Balance it's a Docsis 3 feature. The MC28U doesn't support Docsis 3, so you can't configure.

What IOS do you have, 12.3BC

What IOS do you have, 12.3BC or 12.2SC ?

Regardless, you should be able to configure the downstream load balance using some commands like this :

cable load-balance group 1 method modems
cable load-balance group 1 threshold load 10 enforce 20

interface cable 5/0
cable load-balance group 1

interface cable 5/1
cable load-balance group 1

Done, It run perfect

Done, It run perfect

here a screenshot about the final balance with the Mc28U

kwow I need help with a new iOS

let me know who can help me with it: ubr7200-ik8su2-mz.123-23.BC.bin I need it to do IP NAT

I hope your help.


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jorge enrique s...

waht comand do you type for that information to your file attachments

Probably "show cable load

Probably "show cable load-balance load"

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