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EPC3208G firmware

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EPC3208G firmware


I'm looking for the newer firmware than epc3208g-E10-5-v302r125562-130611c-CVC060414.p7b
for EPC3208G (H.W 1.0) cable modem. The newer firmware I'm looking for must be with
signaling of mgcp (not SIP) - E10 or E15 must be included in the name of the firmware.

The latest firmware for epc3208 without Gateway (which I have) is e3200-E15-16-c1000r5593-170925c.p7b,
so it should be a firmware e3200g-E15-16-c1000r5593-170925c.p7b for gateway version. :-)

If someone has the newer version of this software I will be very grateful for sharing on cm@citysat.com.pl


Looking for a very long time

I will be grateful serykh dot mobile etc gmail dot com

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