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Downstream codeword counters

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Downstream codeword counters

Does anyone know the oid(s) to use to reset the downstream codeword counters? All of them, unerrors, correctable and uncorrectable.


There are no OIDs available

for my knowledge there are no OIDs available to reset those counters.

What I have seen so far that just a new registration without a cold reboot should be fine to reset the counters.

Thanks for the info

Thanks wittmann,
I was hoping to be able to reset them, since the modems we use (Arris 32xx and 82xx series) have a reset counters option from within the modem gui.
I've built some graphs in Cacti to moditor codeword errors, its not a widespread problem for us, but every once in a while they can throw our guys a curve.
We've had a bad cbr8 linecard spewing out crappy ds carriers, and after dealing with Cisco TAC, I now know how to check the ds signal quality directly from the cmts.
If anyone wants to know how to do this, I'd be happy to share the documentation on how to do it.


OIDS are only on CM

OIDS are available only on CM, not on CMTS:

"": "dsSNR",
"": "dsFreq",
"": "dsSignal",
"": "dsMR",
"": "dsUnErrorCW",
"": "dsCorrCW",
"": "dsUnCorrCW",


Thanks bajojoba!
I've added these to my ever expanding folder on useful info!
Now all I need is time to get some of my ideas implemented!


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