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Docsis solution for small to mid sized MDU's

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Docsis solution for small to mid sized MDU's

We provide internet and cable for a handful of apartment complexes ranging between 100 and 500 tenants per complex. Internet subscribers on these sites range between 20 and 200 (with possible future growth to around 400). Currently we are using C9Networks CMTS's, which have the CMTS, upconverter and all related servers (DHCP, tftp, tod) in a single box. We are in the process of expanding our internet offerings at the larger properties and are looking for a more robust, better scalable solution. We looked at upgrading to the Blonder Tongue CMTS's and implementing our own servers and subscriber management systems, but we're in that middle price-point. We don't have enough customers to support a large system, but are starting to outgrow our current set up. We also don't have a Docsis engineer on staff. I've been thrown into the role, and have managed to pick up what I need to know, but building and managing a bigger system is (right now) beyond me.

So, any suggestions for a cost effective CMTS and management software? Any good technical references for a budding Docsis engineer?

RE: Docsis solution for small to mid sized MDU's

Hi VortMax:

I represent Integrated Broadband Services [IBBS] out of Atlanta, Georgia USA.
We work with small to mid sized cable operators (including MDUs and
PCOs) to launch DOCSIS internet. In addition to software services for
provisioning and diagnostics of all your cable modems, our offerings include
24X7 end user support (call center), 24X7 NOC and a staff of
Data/RF/DOCSIS/CMTS engineers who are available to all our operator

Email me (at with your contact information so I can
set up some time to speak with you more indepth.



Scott Coleman
Another Option

Hi VortMax:

I represent Parasun Technologies Inc. who is a well known support partner to cable system operators thoughout the USA and Canada.

We are proud to provide that latest, next generation, IP provisioning and management support solutions to all of our cable system partners in the US and Canada.

Please check our web site ( for an outline of our competitive "Total Solution" services .

If you email me at ( ) we can set up a convenient time to discuss the benefits we offer, over and above, the few competitors in this field.



You could run a Cisco

You could run a Cisco 7246uBR with the all in one config to get access to 100 - 4000 subs. I think you can pickup some of the 7246's (non VXR) CMTS's on e-bay from $1,500 - $12,000. The config is very easy and if you run the all-in-one config in the IOS you do not need an outside server. I have ran this setup in my home lab with 80 devices and in live plant running 3,000 modems. If you do plan on running any kind of voice services I would then recomend the 7246VXR, Cisco 10K (cost too much for what your doing), BSR, or Arris CMTS.


Brian Wilson
CISSP, CCAI, CCNA, CCSE, JNCIA, Security+, Network+, MCP

Provisioning Solutions

Laceytech Cable Provisioning Software solves your problem. Written to work with any DOCSIS solution.
LCPS implements all of the private MIB structure for the Blonder Tongue CMTS.
The software runs on any Linux platform, web interface is easy to use. Turn key solutions are available
Contact Jim Lacey 512 335 7422

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