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Good morning colleagues. I have a couple of questions that I want to ask you as I am not sure. 1 - on a Cisco ubr7200 cmts, the download in Mbps from my cable modems goes through the Upstream or Downstream port. Does the data upload go through the Downstream or Upstream port? 2- what is the capacity in Mbps that can pass through an upstream port and a downstream port, taking into consideration that my downstream cable modulation 256qam and my cable upstream channel width is 3200000. Using a cmts with NPE-G1 cards as processor and Cisco-UBR-MC16C line card. I hope to be as clear as possible and thank you in advance.

From a User perspective

From a User perspective

Download === Downstream
Upload === Upstream

Channel Capacities
256qam 6 MHz Downstream channel === ~38.8 Mbps
64qam 3.2 MHz Upstream Channel === ~15 Mbps
64qam 6.4 MHz Upstream Channel === ~29 Mbps

That combination of CMTS is limited to Docsis 2.0 so no Downstream Channel Bonding, I think you can do upstream bonding but it has been a long time....

How many customers per channel (downstream/upstream) will have a great affect on how busy your channels are.

no bonding

2.0 is a very long time ago, but all 2.0 added was channel width from 3.2 to 6.4 and modulation other than 16Qam.
it's 1x1. issues will be downstream at 38Mb total for all customers. very limited for even the number of users for zoom. I'm not the Cisco guy in the group, but upgrading to hardware that would support 88v's is your best option

Upgrading to MC88v also

Upgrading to MC88v also requires Upgrade to NPE-G2 and FAN-Module-2
Refurbishers should offer these parts.

But beware: software support has long ago ceased.
Any security issue (Especially if you're routing public addresses over your Bundles) will not be fixed by Cisco.

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