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DOCSIS configs

Any one have any great clue as to find those that are uncapped on a docsis network? Maybe a polling TFTP?

DOCSIS configs

@ Big D

Please read the first Site:

About this site: is an information resource for MSO DOCSIS cable operators.

I don't think any operator will give you a discription for uncapping a cablemodem. If you want real hacking a cable-network can you use the documentation of There give it many great specifications for free! :wink:

Anonymous (not verified)
I don't think you understand

We are an MSO. We are looking for uncapped modems. Pleae re read the post.

I also have another question?

Is anyone out there using docsis_server to assign DHCP, TFTP, and TOD? We have installed it and are now getting the error no netptr mac ...."

Has anyone had experience with this open solution? It is located at

Any help would be greatly appericated.

I'm so sorry

:oops: I'm so sorry, you're right. I understand the first post wrong.

Hmm... have you try to polling the the configfilename and the down- and uploadrate via snmp?

Anonymous (not verified)
Humm.. Good Idea, but

I don't think that should be to hard of a problem then. You know of anyone using docsis_server? I really need some help here.

Anonymous (not verified)
DOCSIS configs

I have been trying to get docsis server up for a few days - no real luck yet. I would love to compare note with someone though...

Anonymous (not verified)
Finding rogue modems

It can be a little tricky. First you need to have your cmts show you all the QoS profiles on the box:

sh cable qos profile (cisco)

then you need to do do show cable modem detail

sh cable modem verbose (cisco)

You will get the detail for every modem on your cmts. From there you need to find the line:

QoS Profile Index : XX (where XX is a number)

Then you need to match the profiles listed with the profiles you sell. The bad ones will stick out. Give these text files to any unix admin (using sed or awk) and they can parse things out fairly quickly.


Anonymous (not verified)

Quote:We are an MSO. We are looking for uncapped modems. Pleae re read the post.

}:) I dont have what i need to get it done. B) B)

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