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cuckoo on the fm band

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cuckoo on the fm band

Ok, it sounds funny, but anyone who's been doing cable tv from way back when... there was a signal generator that was put on the fm band, the pitch goes up and down. techs would listen for it when they drove around and would be able to find signal leakage. Wanted to know where I could one.


Yeah, I remember that. I can

Yeah, I remember that. I remember what the unit looks like, single ru, brushed black aluminum. Called the cuckoo warbler. The noise it put out was annoying, but it helped get the job done!
Give me a few days, I'll find out if we still have ours in storage somewhere. If so, I'm sure I could get it to you.

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Good to find another old docsis guy in the group lol
I've got a location that believe it or not... offers fm service. as you know, the fm receivers are 300 Ohm and the matching transformer is a great way to have signal leakage. thought was to drive around with the service truck tuned to 99Mhz for example where the cuckoo is and fix it and show them they can't offer fm service because of the leakage.

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Too late...

Been in the business since '77. I've seen quite a few changes since then, from the cable tv end to the consumer end, from vacuum tube channel commanders (and even a tube field strength meter or two!) to home-made HeathKit tv's (man, how I dreaded those!) Ahh, I need to save this reminiscing for another few years when I retire....
Sorry to say, my boss said the warbler was taken away by some recycling company, along with a tractor trailer load of other stuff over a year ago.
One of the things I used to do was to use the fm band to find 'radiation', (what we called it back in the day) was to tune my fm radio to our cable only radio station, when I heard that, I knew to start looking. It wasn't as easy as the cuckoo, but it certainly helped.

81 for me

I appreciate your checking into it and getting back me...

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