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dear all the time while my cmts goes from a cpu around 15% to 90% and then falls back to normal levels. in the log at the last event is the one in the attached file. cmts is a ubr10k with PRE-4 and fw ubr10k4-k9p6u2-mz.122-33.SCG6.bin. any tips to solve this ??

When it happens, do a "show

When it happens, do a "show proc cpu sort"
See which process is generating the load


CPU load can go high when someone is scanning the CPE IP subnets on the CMTS.
If they pump traffic to CPE IPs that are not in use, it makes the ADJ resolve process go high .

If you turn on netflow,
(add "ip flow ingress" on the bundle and wan interface of the cmts)
you can usually see the offending hacker IP
("show ip cache flow | incl Null")

Then if things are really going bad, you can block that source IP (do it on a router upstream of the CMTS)


SCG6 is a pretty old IOS, probably best to upgrade if possible
My uBRs run SCJ4 (this was the last firmware produced for this platform)

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