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CNR 5.5 Documentation

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CNR 5.5 Documentation

Looking for documentation on CNR 5.5 for Windows. Cant find anything at Cisco website, obsolete product.

Search for CNS rather than

Search for CNS rather than CNR i.e. CNR 5.5 CLI reference

CNR 5.5 & ToD

Does anybody know a solution for CNR providing Time of Day service? I dont see where the CNR package provides ToD Server.

yes we can set ToD value in

yes we can set ToD value in CNR

CNR does not provide a TOD

CNR does not provide a TOD server

The TOD server is either provided by the operating system, or the CMTS.

Since you have CNR 5.5 your either on Solaris or Windows

on solaris it will be part of INETd usually just uncomment it out in inetd.conf
on Windows you have to install a third party server

On Cisco CMTSes you can enable it following the instructions here


You can pass me that version of CNR since I am a telecommunications engineering student and I need to set up that CNR with one cmts of tests. I would appreciate it if I can configure the CNR just contact me at my email

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