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Cisco EPC3925_Firmware

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Cisco EPC3925_Firmware

Cisco EPC3925 Cable Modem hybrid, EuroDocsis 3.0
Firmware: e3925-ES-16-c1200r5593-170428c
Hardware Version: 1.0
Administration / Manage tab
no access to the choice of Bridge Mode and Router Mode
By default it works in Bridge Mode.
Who can help firmware , Router mode is enabled or fully loaded with working firmware?

That firmware sounds pretty

That firmware sounds pretty new
In March 2017, I asked Technicolor to give me the latest firmware for DPC3010 and DPC/DPQ3925
They gave me files with datestrings 160720a (Jul 2016), whereas yours is 170428 (Apr 2017)

Perhaps you can switch the mode using CM config file, or snmpset
You could try this one:

Or check out the others here:



EPC3940 ?

Do you have EPC3940 and EPC3940L firmware ?

Deni (not verified)
Hello, Zahar100.

Hello, Zahar100.
It would be recommended for the above firmware for the EPC3925.
I would also like a new firmware for the EPC3928.

If you can provide me, send me mail to

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