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Currently have a PFSENSE Edge router for my HFC Docsis Network.

Would like to implement a Captive Portal page for customers who have not paid so when they try to use internet, the Portal will pop up.

Any help or guidance?

Is this done at Edge Router level? CMTS? DHCP


I have done something similar

I have done something similar in the past.
Unless you will be using some L2VPN you can't do it without a special config file. If you're doing it via L2VPN than you can do it on the EDGE router. My steps were with special config file:
1. With IP filters in config file you need to allow access only to a captive portal web page and DNS.
2. You need to setup DNS server which always resolves the same web page. This web page is your captive portal.
3. when the customer is authorized to use the internet again, you need to reboot the CM and provide it with regular CM config file.

Probably there are better ways to do it. But this worked for me.


Could you explain to us how

Could you explain to us how you made the provisioning configuration to cmts with PFsense,

I would greatly appreciate it

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