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Cable Modem L2VPN

Hi list,
Does anybody knows how can I assign a CPE behind CM to a specific VLAN through Cable Modem config-file?

I did this through CLI on CMTS (Juniper G1 CMTS) with this command cable vpn 000F.21CB.6DDF 601, and then all CPEs behind the modem with MAC address 000F.21CB.6DDF are tagged with VLAN ID 601.
I saw on a document that it's a special Vendor Specific ID that must be written in config-file for VLAN ID (i'm usign Webstar DPC2100 CMs).


Anonymous (not verified)
Cable Modem L2VPN

You want to map several CPE for one VLAN ID and some others CPE for another VLAN ID, am i correct?
Or simply isolate CM traffic from CPE traffic ?

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