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Arris Modems Wifi Settings

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Arris Modems Wifi Settings

A while back we created a PHP script to go out and query our
wifi capable cable modems for their SSID and passwords when a customer
calls in saying that they had forgotten the password or where not sure
which network to join.

Our support folks use it often.

One of the biggest support requests we get is changing passwords or SSID

To do this we remotely log into the modem and do the changes for the customer.
There are only 2 or 3 of us that can do that, so we get tickets and support requests
to do this from the front line and even techs in the field.

I'd like to extend the PHP script to use snmpset to do this and can change the SSID
and/or passwords via snmpset, but the problem is that they are not persistent over
a power cycle. A simple cable modem reset via our management system or off the
cmts is fine.

These are all the models we have:

Is there an OID to set that make the changes permanent? Like doing a write memory on
a cisco device?
What do others do that use these modems?



If you already have the OID to query the SSIDs and WPA keys, you're half way there. You can set those values to whatever you want using snmpset instead of snmpget.

For anything that works with the GI MIB set (Most Motorola era stuff, some Arris era stuff), after you set the SSID or WPA key, run an snmpset on OID using the Integer value 1 to apply wireless settings. If you walk that OID, it should return a value of 2.


I forgot we have some sort of support with Arris and opened a ticket with them the
other day and they sent me three OID's to use depending on modem as we have so
many of the wifi modems out there.

The one you mention is one they gave me and a quick go against a 6700 it appears to
work. Just setting up my lab with our other modems to test against and see what happens.

Thank you for the reply.

Hi! Could you share this oids

Hi! Could you share this oids?
Could you manage this?

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