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Arris modems not impressed by 16 channels

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Arris modems not impressed by 16 channels

I have an odd scenario in which ONLY 16+24 ch Arris modems will not get past init(o) when a 16 channel bonding group is added to the running config of a Cisco 10K (20x20, PRE4).
All non-arris modems (Motorola, SMC, Netgear) connect/bonds to the 16 channels with no issues whatsoever. If changed to a lower group of channels in the interface, wideband, and fiber nodes, the modems will connect 8x4 no problem.
The models in questions are SBG10, DG2460A. I am going to upgrade the firmware (SCI3) tonight to see if that helps.
Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

Seems pretty strange!

Seems pretty strange!

Your IOS should already be OK. For ubr10k:
* 16 x DS bonding requires IOS 12.2(33)SCH1 or later
* 24 x DS bonding requires IOS 12.2(33)SCH2 or later

What firmware are you running on the Arris modems? Something recent?

Have you got any fancy Arris OIDs in your CM config file? Try temporarily switching to a super plain file and see if the modem comes online.

Probably my next go to step would be to telnet into the modem and check the console logs there

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