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modem online but have no ip address

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modem online but have no ip address

Is there any body experiencing cm online but cm hard to get an ip address from dhcp. I'm using opensource ISC dhcp server does something to do about this issue. Is there any good opensource for dhcp server?


i'm assuming you mean the

i'm assuming you mean the modem had finished ranging and not that it is online.

Here are some things to check:

1. Are your pool set up right and the daemon running?
2. Is there any sort of firewall or router between the DHCP server and CMTS?
3. Can a PC or laptop obtain an IP from the same location as the CMTS?
4. Are you using DHCP relay on the CMTS?
5. Does your CMTS have any sort of modem debuging that will dump that DHCP conversation to console (or file)?

I have a (100% open source) provisioning system using the ISC dhcp server that works rather well. It did take a while to get it all figured out though.

Start at the server and work your way back to the cmts. Get a hub and a laptop wireshark so you can watch the traffic for the DHCP conversation at various points.

which CMTS

which CMTS and is it bridge or router?

And like bealsm wrote: watch your logs.

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