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SNMPv3 docsis setup

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SNMPv3 docsis setup


I need to configure snmpv3 on CM. I've added tlv34 in provisioning file:
SnmpV3SecurityName "docsisManager";
SnmpV3MgrPublicNumber 0x12345678;
CM receives auth/priv keys. Now I need to see my keys to send snmp requests to CM. Where can I get them? I have full access to CMTS and prov server, but I don't know where and what to look. May be I need to install/setup some packages on prov server?

To change CM keys with snmpusm I need to have v3 user with known auth/priv password and enough permissions. But there is no initial users on CM. And it's OS is not linux-like, so there is no snmp.conf to set initial user manually. I've read CableLabs docs, but I can't find an explanation how to get auth/priv keys on prov server/CMTS

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In fact I have all I need to

In fact I have all I need to generate auth and priv keys.
1. On prov server side must be generated public and private DH keys (openssl can do this)
2. Prov server public key must be passed in SnmpV3MgrPublicNumber to CM.
3. CM calculates own public key and sets it in SNMP-USM-DH-OBJECTS-MIB::usmDHKickstartMyPublic
4. CM calcuatees shared secret, using own priv + pub and server's pub
5. At this step shared secret may be calculated on server side
6. Both CM and server now can calculate auth and priv using hash function, shared secret and salt. See rfc2786 for details


Did you set it up? Do you have a sample config file that you can share?

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