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Cable Modem Counters

Does anyone know the SNMP OID to access these numbers from a Cisco CMTS

#show cable modem counters
MAC Address US Packets US Bytes DS Packets DS Bytes
000c.e58a.d83e 56649788 6762705188 161915106 230561080519
000c.e594.1db4 52766485 8708786657 160849508 230815496173
386b.bbe0.2c04 56481632 5317743030 98884065 139739448330
0012.2505.44f0 15856273 1727261284 35720011 50489071890
000e.5c00.8baa 18992822 1923657610 49584472 70903621706

Currently we poll the modems for ds/us byte counts but docsis 3 now requires multiple interfaces or service flows, and the CMTS seems to consolidate these numbers for accounting so there has to be some way for us to poll the cmts every 5 minutes using the mac address to get these counters..

Or a linux script to telnet

Or a linux script to SSH to the CMTS and dump the entries to an array for mrtg processing :)

Getting closer, using RANCID

Getting closer, using RANCID with Clogin to process the command in a bash script.. now I need to parse it and pump it to rrd :) anyone???