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Arris D31 signed firmware necessary?

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Arris D31 signed firmware necessary?

Short Question:
For the Arris DG3450 TG3452, and TM3402 modems, which variant of the firmware should be used? NA or D31?

Long Version:
We're getting ready to start testing DOCSIS 3.1 modems and adding the 3.1 licensing to an Arris E6000 CMTS. We've purchased a few D3.1 modems (Arris CM8200, DG3450, TG3452, TM3402) for evaluation. We got access to the modem firmware on Friday and, after downloading, I see that the DG3450, TG3452, and TM3402 modems all have two variants, an "NA" (D3.0 North America) and "D31" (DOCSIS 3.1).
The firmware guide clarifies what the file naming is for but, so far, I can't find when either is required.
We'll initially be testing with just 3.0 functionality in order to make any changes needed in provisioning and, once that is done, we'll begin deploying these to customers with the highest level service package so that, when we add the 3.1 license in a few months, we don't need to go swap as many modems.

response from arris

Got info back from Arris on this. It comes down to which CVC you use in the config file. If using the DOCSIS 3.1 CVC, you must use the 'd31' variant of the firmware.



do you also have access to the TG3442 firmware? I am trying to get it from Arris but they are unable to help me and send me back and forth.

Any help is really appreciated!