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Modem keeps reseting

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Modem keeps reseting

So i configurated my miniCMTS with DHCP,TFTP i enabled downstream and upstreams channels and everything is working fine i think.Problem is when i connect modem to the CMTS, modem will complete every step(downstream search ,ranging ,dhcp,tftp atd.) and after that every LED just go yellow and modem resets .So yea i dont understand where problem could be.

need more info

receive and transmit levels good? example receive at +3 and transmit at 45.
bpi+ configured and on the modem file, clock set to the current time instead of 1976 for a year?
physical delay within reason?
shared secret match on the cmts and modem file?

service class doesnt match

service class doesnt match from config file to cmts is also a very good possibility