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RFOG question

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RFOG question

I didn't realize that this would be so hard to find....

If I have 1dB of light coming out the laser, what is that dB in RF?

not the same. your RF power

not the same. your RF power is not equivalent to the light.

what equipment are you working on and what are you trying to accomplish? The RFOG spec governs acceptable light and RF power levels.

We had a fun moment. I'm not

We had a fun moment. I'm not a fiber tech or line tech or broadband guy. I just handle the CMTS, and that's where most of my experience sits. I clearly need to expand that.

Someone decided to swap out EDFA's, in order to make "all of them the same," but in the process he put in a high gain device where there should not have been, which screwed all of the levels up on the RF side.

I had him put a 1dB light pad on the output, which dropped the RF on average about 1.82dB, and brought things generally within spec enough for us to carry on.

I'm really wanting to find some sort of guideline or line of math that I can do to figure out what the RF/Light levels should be based off of whatever variables I need.