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UBR10k log event

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UBR10k log event


l'm receiving this log since I update my IOS to: ubr10k4-k9p6u2-mz.122-33.SCJ2a.bin

SLOT 5/0: %JIB3_US_FAUNA-3-JIB3_US_SEU_INT: JIB3_US_FAUNA_SINGLE_BIT_SEU_INT event; cri_bit_info 0x6DFC0220; ctrl_status 0x0000152A

Only slot 5/0 are affect.

any idea ?

Interface Cable5/0/0
Hardware is MC2020V

Upstream MAC Processor Powered by Jib3 Upstream FPGA Complex
Jib3 Upstream FPGA is Initialized
Jib3US Initializtion Error Code: 0
Jib3US Initializtion Status : No error at Startup Init
Jib3 Upstream FPGA Information
Flora FPGA Rev ID = 0x00000006
Flora FPGA HW Rev ID = 0x00000012
Fauna FPGA Rev ID = 0x00000008
Fauna FPGA HW Rev ID = 0x00000009

Jib3US Hardware Flow State Info - Segment 0
Bonded HwFlows Free = 32255
Bonded HwFlows Used = 513
Bonded HwFlows Wait = 0
NonBonded HwFlows Free = 98137
NonBonded HwFlows Used = 167
NonBonded HwFlows Wait = 0
Total Jib3US HwFlows = 131072

Jib3US State = Active, Active Seg = 0, Clr Rldram Done = True, CCF Done=True

Jib3 Upstream Show Interrupt Stats
Idx InterruptRegister InterruptBit TotalCount Burst Masked:
40 flora map tssalve load 1 0 NO
67 Fauna Global SEU Interrupt 210 0 NO <<<------------- increment
167 fauna spi4 ing src clks rdy 1 0 NO
168 fauna spi4 ing src in frm 1 0 NO
180 fauna spi4 egr snk in frame err 1 0 NO
181 fauna spi4 egr snk clks rdy 1 0 NO
293 dmpi invalid hw flow entry 2 0 NO

So this looks like a single

So this looks like a single bit is off. Being an SEU (Single Event Upset), this should only occur once or very infrequently. Are you seeing many of these in the logs? If so, then maybe a reseat of the card would be the first thing to try.



I reset the card ans problem seem to be gone