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Capacity monitoring


I have search thru the forum and can't seem to finde any info om a good Capacity monitoring system.

What system a you gys using in your network.
I'm interested in monitoring the capacity in my Docsis plant on a Service Group level.

We have Cisco ubr10k and Arris E6000 in our plant and are using a homemade system that we are want to change and what to hear your experience

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We use cacti for Upstream,

We use cacti for Upstream, Downstream, SNR and FEC monitoring. There are ready to use templates you can load from

We use Cacti as well

We use Cacti for ds, us, modems per upstream, modems per interface, fec, and quite a few others. Here is one of the downstream graphs for a 16-ds cable interface:

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What docsis templates are you

That looks like something I can use.

What docsis templates are you using ?

Cacti templates

Attached is a picture of what we monitor on each cable interface. I only did one upstream, but this is just to give you an idea. The upstream stuff will have a graph for every upstream port in use. Included in the jpg is my host template, which shows which templates I use.
I'm using an older version of Cacti 0.8.8f, but its working for us, I'd love to upgrade, but as this is almost a mission critical system, I haven't the guts to try it on a live box yet.

For the downstream graph, I am using the Aggregate plugin, version 0.70 B2.
You will need to be graphing the individual downstream channel interfaces as well as the wideband interfaces, and in the color templates, create new color templates for however many channels you are using. On our 16 channel areas, the color chart has either 24 or 25 colors (if you want to put a line for total traffic).
It is pretty labor intensive at first, I can attest that after doing this for 19 cmts's, and some of them more than once, after upgrading from 7246 to 10k then to cbr8, but its become very integrated into our company.