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eRouter dual-stack configuration issue

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eRouter dual-stack configuration issue

Hi everyone!

I'm setting up a simple network in our lab to experiment with an eRouter running in dual-stack mode.

I'm using a Technicolor TC8305C gateway and am having an interesting issue. The eRouter is properly obtaining an IA_NA and IA_PD from our DHCPv6 server. It is also sending router advertisements on the LAN with configuration information that is consistent with the learned IA_PD. The issue is that these router advertisements have a router lifetime of 0, so none of our LAN clients are able to route traffic from LAN to WAN through the eRouter (since they have no default route).

Here is the eRouter portion of the CM config file that I am using:

InitializationMode 3;
RATransmissionInterval 10;
TopologyModeEncoding 1;

Has anyone else seen this behavior? It's strange because everything looks correct except for the router lifetime of 0 in RAs sent by the eRouter on the LAN.

Thanks in advance for any feedback!