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Incognito + SIP

Anybody here use Incognito DHCP for their MTA's?

We still use Innomedia phone modems and the word I've received is that they don't sell well, and thus are being discontinued. So I am in need of getting the MTAs to the point of functional.

If there's anyone that can send me a general Incog layout, where what configs go, etc. Incognito support is only helpful if you understand the context. I'm the DOCSIS guy here, and not the phone guy. The phone guy won't react to a problem until its too late and we're in a crisis. Trying to beat the punch.

Take a look at the MPS service

In order to provision SIP, you will need to activate the MPS module of incognito, so the MPS will do all the snmp sets required to provision SIP parameters.

Look at the HYBRID.1 provision flow from the packetcable specs to understand the concept.

On MPS, create a separate Class for each model you have. that will make life easier.

I know it is not a detailed explanation, but I hope it is good as a starting point.

Hope it helps,


MPS has been active for a

MPS has been active for a while.
I have a test server with voice and sip active.

Would you happen to have a configuration example of Incognito that you could share?