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SNMP on Motorola BSR2000

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SNMP on Motorola BSR2000

I need the CMs to log information through snmp to the CMTS. I know exactly how to do this with Cisco, but Motorola is a whole new world for me.
CPEs are already navigating through the CMTS, but i can't extract any information with SNMP although the aprovisioning .bin is working fine and has the SNMP parameters.

remote query?

The Motorola BSR2k doesn't support remote query, if you post your email, I can forward the mibs and you can walk it to find what else you may need



Hi CARL, I'm really glad for your answer, even though it's not really possitive. I've been circling this issue for days...
My email is, if you can please send me those mibs I'll be glad to answer you with the configuration that is currently running.