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BSR64K TX32 card shows muted after upgrade

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BSR64K TX32 card shows muted after upgrade

I have some TX32 cards that are showing muted after upgrading them from 8546 to 8629. On the Chassis I am currently running boot ROM of with a firmware of on my SRM4.

Any clue why this would happen? The front of the TX32 cards are all greened up and look happy. See below output showing that the cards are muted. Any help to figure this out would be great.


MOT:7A#show controllers cable downstream ds-phy 9 module 0
*** ds-phy 4QRM module 0 ***
DS Phy Product Type=0103, Application F/W Ver=8629,
Bootloader F/W Ver=0104, FPGA Ver=8006, HW Ver=0102
Channel Width 6 MHz, 256-QAM, Symbol Rate 5.360537 Msps
FEC ITU-T J.83 Annex B, R/S Interleave I=8 J=16
Frequency 561.000000 MHZ, Power Level 52.0 dBmV, channel-mode 4-channel
Switch Loss 0.00 dBmV
Interface FPGA version 0xFE020020
RF Output Level: 00.00
Muting (0-Unmute): 1
Reference Input Signal Status: 0
Base plate Temperature in Celsius: 25
+5VDC supply input: 5.190
+3.3VDC supply input: 3.270
Loss of Sync: 0
Not Locked to the External Ref: 0
Not Detected the External Ref: 0
Loss of Data Clock: 0
Synchronization Fault: 1
Initialization Error: 0
RF level above upper threshold: 0
RF level below lower threshold: 0
+3.3VDC above upper threshold: 0
+3.3VDC below lower threshold: 0
+5VDC above upper threshold: 0
+5VDC below lower threshold: 0
Plate temp above upper threshold: 0
Plate temp below lower threshold: 0
Invalid MPEG Data Input Ch0 0
Invalid MPEG Data Input Ch1 0
Invalid MPEG Data Input Ch2 0
Invalid MPEG Data Input Ch3 0


need show version

key thing is the fpga and timing

first off, your running 7.x bootrom on an srm4. srm4 should be running 6.4.x release so the bootrom should 6.x
the card came from a system that was running on an srm10G or it was upgraded in error. thought is it had 5.x bootroms and got upgraded to 7.x bootrom without getting the timing module and fpga upgraded, possible cause of the muted downstream.
check your show version, should look something like this;
Boot ROM:
Mini ROM: TX32 Mini ROM Ver. 1.16
Date Built: Wed Jun 24 18:23:50 GMT 2015
Hitless Group Number H49
CPU: MPC8548E rev2.0 e500v2 rev2.0
Memory Size: 1024 MB
Format Version : 11
Assembly Type : 42
PDM Number : 555461-001-00
HW Revision : B
Serial Number : M0866520918xxxxx
Switch FPGA Version: 0x00005060
Interface FPGA Version: 0xFE020020
CPLD Version: 0xAD0E
Motherboard Revision Info:
MB Part Number : 535256-005-00
MB HW Revision : G
MB Serial Number : M0866520412xxxxx
QRM Revision Info:
Serial Number : 023108083507457xxxxx
Revision Number : 01038629010480060102
Product ID : 0103
Appl Fw : 8629
BootLoader Fw : 0104
HW Revision : 0102
FPGA Ver : 8006
MAC32 Revision Info:
PDM Number : 536352-004-00
HW Revision : A
Serial Number : L086652052xxxxxxx
FPGA Ver : 27
Timing Module Revision Info:
FPGA Ver : 02020010
PIC Prot Code Rev: 0100
PIC Main Code Rev: 0102