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Motorola SBV5120/SBV5121 SIP support

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Motorola SBV5120/SBV5121 SIP support

Hi guys, i'm working with a CMTS C3 and cable-modem motorola 5120/5121, i need use the telephony part of the modem, i searched on the web and found that the new firmware from this cable is supporting SIP, if is that true, how can i upgrade the firmware ? And if not true, how can i integrate with my CMTS ? I tried everything on my dhcp linux server, but when the cable cames on, the ata dont ask for ip, i have activated on cmts cable-helper-address for host and for cable. What i need configure on C3 ?

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Motorola did indeed release SIP firmware earlier this year however it is only available on request, so to get it you would need to call motorola directly. It is not listed on with all of their other firmware. Motorola does not have a SBV512x model listed there either sure it is not a SBV6120?

As to the ATA not requesting an IP, generally there is a directive that needs to be set that is vendor specific that tells the ATA to turn on,contact motorola about it they can help you. You may trying setting the interface for the EMTA to on in the modem config file, have not tried it with motorola modems but it may work. There should not be anything special you need to do on the CMTS to get the EMTA to attempt to obtain an IP address. Please NOTE: EMTAs are notoriously picky when it comes to accepting offers that do not have all of the requested and required parameters set.

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There is no SIP firmware for series SBV5120, but for SBV5121 motorola released stable firmware, some of ours customers are using these with SIP providers.

If you thinking about starting SIP on these CM we could provide provisioning solution with full SIP, PacketCable and EuroPacketCable VOICE support. If you interested, pelase contact as at
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Hello I'm trying to download this firmware, can you help me. thank you.

If you're looking at doing

If you're looking at doing voice through a cable modem, I'd highly recommend you NOT use motorola, because they are getting out of the business of emta's, from what I've heard. I'd highly recommend you use an ARRIS 602G. Their support is better, their docs are better, and they work better.

Motorola SBV5120/SBV5121 SIP support

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