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BSR 1000 service flow .. downstream ??

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BSR 1000 service flow .. downstream ??

Hi everybody ...

i setup this bsr1000 router to try some modems and amplifier and so on ... now i want to create a service flow for amplifiers and another for modems / voip ... i can change the parameters in config file for up and downstream ... an i can create service flows in cmts and declare it in config file ...

all changes i did to the upstream works perfectly but the changes i made to the downstream doesn´t really take effect ...

in have 20mbit down an 20mbit up before cmts ... i want to use 5mbit for ds and 1mbit for us ... i create a be-down service flow (name:test) in cmts with max-rate 5000000 ... in configfile i use the serviceclassname (test) ... when i did speedtest and so on .. the datarate is allways 20mbit down :(

if i did

sh cable modem (mac) svc-flow-id

the result is

Service flow id Interface Flow Direction Flow Max Rate
7 cable 0/0 Upstream 1000000
8 cable 0/0 Downstream 5000000

did anybody has an idea whats the problem ??

thank you

nice day


add rate-limit

Looks like you haven't added rate limit on the downstream. in older software you need to add rate-limit on the downstream and upstream.

Problem fixed .. another question routing

Thank you very much ...

this was the issue to fix the problem ...

i have another question with routing ...

i want only to access configuration to cmts from ethernet site and not from cable site ..
also all cable modem users must only have the route to ethernet site dhcp server and gateway (2 ip addresses) ... gateway is now nat ..

i tried many possibilities but nothing worked :(

thank you

nice day


just one enet port

unlike the bsr2k with 4 enet and 2 gigE ports, there's just the one enet port on the bsr1k. routing would be done from the next hop.
to prevent telnet access from the cable side you would need to create an access list for cable interface or block it on the modem file


access list

Hi ... thank you for your answer

i tried access list but that doesn´t have any effect ... i want to block it in config file but also there is not effect ...

i did something wrong but i don´t know what :( ...

by marek

post it

show what you did on the running config and what interface it's applied to


Hi Carl ...
thank you very much for your help months ago :) .... i did it with restrictions in cable modem files .. now it´s time to set up a faster upstream channel maybe more than 2,5mbps .. :)

best regards Marek

16Qam limit

Hi Marek
the BSR1k only supports docsis 1.1, so you can't increase the channel width or us modulations above 16Qam.
best you'll do is around 5 or 6 Mbps upstream


Speed Up Upstream

Hi Carl ...
thank you for your answer weeks ago ...
in last days i tried to speed up the upstream channel ... i used the 16qam mod. profile (1) .. in cm file i allowed concatenation and so on .. changed burstsize and and and .. but allways i get a maximum of 2,5mbps ... it will help to speed up to 5 or 6 mbps ..


modem file

thinking the max burst and concatenated burst values are too low. double them and try again.
post your modem file

concat and max burst was the solution .. problem with ugs

Hi Carl ...
thank you very much ... you are right
for test purposes i set both to 7610 and tried .. in test scenario i took the wrong way to test it ... (chose a speedtest from inet) .. now i test it with a ftp connection sending a 100mb datafile

now have the next problem with ugs :(

in cmts i set a service flow for downstream (5mbit) one serviceflow with best effort (2,3mbit) and an ugs serviceflow for voice calls ...
in configfile the serviceflow for ugs is activated by destination ip address to voip provider
everything is fine until the first call is connected ... after this the return path will be slower and slower ... if the speed is near 0 every cable modem loose connection and can´t reconnect again until rebooting the cmts

don´t know whats going on ...

best regards


Hi marekpo
Can you send me a show tech and a copy of the modem files used. I'm thinking there's too much on a certain service class bandwidth
, starving the others. for a modem that's on a call, can you capture sh cab modem (mac address) sv-det a few times to see what service is getting used up?

Best regards