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Hi all,

i decided to switch from our chinese mini cmtsses to something more professional - casa c100g

I am not a professional in docsis, but i cant find any manuals and example configurations on web for this device.

Is there anyone who can helsp me with manuals or som example configs.

I have also few question about casa c100.

1 - Does it support dynamic modulation for upstream to handle short noise changes on reverse path?

2- Is there any way to make RF Groups and join the to separate vlan? At this time i have One mini cmts per one village. SO now i want to have 1rf port or 32 channels DS/ 8 channels US joined to vlan and worl like a bridge.

Is there anyone who can helps me wit that beast?

Thank you

What software version are you

What software version are you running? I can get you the appropriate documentation for your software release.

1. Yes you can specify a secondary Modulation profile for D3.0 modems. Casa also supports logical upstreams, where you can have 1 logical upstream at one modulation and/or width, and another logical upstream on a different modulation and/or width both centered at same frequency. That way you can move modems that have low SNR issues to lower modulation/width logical channels with Spectrum rules, rather than changing the modulation for everybody because a few modems have low SNR.

2. Casa C100G does not support Bridge mode (L2 VLANs) but it can do similar things with L3. You can configure multiple bundles and assign different mac Domains to the different IP Bundles, or you can add VRF if you need total isolation between IP Bundles.

I could get you an example config if you tell me what features you are looking for.

Thank you for info... but

Thank you for info... but that is not good news for me that casa cant make bridge domain :( it will mess up my provisioning that is made now on mikrotiks or cisco asr where is dhcp server running.

As long as your DHCP servers

As long as your DHCP servers have an IP that is reachable from the Casa ( you can create VLAN interfaces on the SMM interfaces to reach a VLANed network) you can use the cable helper-address to proxy all DHCP requests to the specified IP from either the primary address on the IP-Bundle or the secondary ip on the IP bundle, depending on whether you have cable dhcp-giaddr-primary set. So you should not have too much trouble.

Here is a barebones config

Here is a barebones config, you will need to supply the information in between < and >

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