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Cable Modem Router Mode in VLAN - Problem

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Cable Modem Router Mode in VLAN - Problem

Hi to all

I use CBN CH6541E & CH6643E, TWG 870-4 modems.
When using a configuration file for VLAN service, while modems are in bridge mode, the L2VPN is created between CMTS and CM.
I then use a router after the CM and the service works fine.

I face this problem:
When modem is in router mode, the L2VPN is created also in this case between CMTS and CM but
the CMTS does not ping the WAN interface of the CM and vice versa.

Just so u have an idea of my test
CMTS [ Ip address A.B.C.D in interface vlan X ] <----no-ping----> CM [ Ip address A.B.C.E in WAN Interface ] .Modem has a config file in vlan X
Both IPs are taken from the same pool of vlan X.
The L2VPN is created between CMTS and CM.
The CMTS pings the gateway of the vlan x, so i am sure the vlan is ok till the CMTS.

I use CASA CMTS C10G and C3200.
Is there any additional configuration needed on cable modem file configuration or/and CMTS configuration for this scenario to be successful?

If not, are there any type of D3.0 modems which have the possibility to add a vlan interface as a virtual interface, same as can be done on a Mikrotik ?
So then i can add an ip address to that interface and get the cable modem work in router mode.

Thank you for your time !