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BSR64k // Set CPE IP Range the same as gigaether port

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BSR64k // Set CPE IP Range the same as gigaether port
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My CMTS config is attached. I want my CPEs to be able to communicate with devices which are in the same network as my gigaether interface. The subnet of my GigE interface is and I want my CPEs to get IP addresses in the same range.

Below are the configs for GigE and Cable interfaces:

interface gigaether 15/0
ip address
no shutdown
no ip redirects
no ip unreachables

interface cable 3/0
cable bundle 1 master
ip address
ip address secondary host
cable helper-address cable-modem global
cable helper-address host global
no shutdown

As soon as I try to change ip range for secondary host, I get the below error:

(config-if)#ip address secondary host
% overlaps with gigaether 15/0

What is the workaround to achieve this?


I do not believe this is

I do not believe this is possible. The BSR64k is a layer3 device. Because of that, you cannot share IP ranges across Layer3 interfaces.

not a bridge

JB's right. it's a router, not a bridge cmts. by default they can get to it unless you have access lists to prevent it.