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ubr10012 + taking about 30 minutes to range

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ubr10012 + taking about 30 minutes to range

Hi Guys,

I wondering if anyone have a answers to my problem. When i'm connecting a new cm or a hold one have been disconnected since few months, it is always taking around 30-45min before the CMTS see it first. I know he have to scan, but i dont understand why is soo long.

On some network is soo fast.

Anyone have ideal about it ?



sound like you have multiple downstream domains on the same downstream cable plant.
make only one downstream from each group a primary channel or better yet, narrowcast just the 8 channels to the node that matches the upstream ports

I'm in agreement with ccaldas

I'm in agreement with ccaldas.

You running a big broadcast domain to multiple nodes? If so, that's probably your root cause. Have had very similar issues, and still experiencing it on my older system that is being migrated from.

I have also had luck with setting up logical fiber nodes between the downstream bonding groups and the upstream port.

Haven't touched a 10k in almost a year though. Share your running-config?


if you have a lot of ds frequencies and cannot do narrowcast, a good trick is to use filters for installations.

you order filters designed to let only the correct frequency for a sector and you use it only to make the cable modem come online then you remove it