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Remote Spectrum Scan

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Remote Spectrum Scan

Let me preface, this is all new to me, so take it easy on me, and thank you in advance !

Does anyone have the proper process and OID's, to remote spectrum scan a modem ? It seems they are proprietary to each manufacturer, and I understand it seems to require an SNMPSET and then an SNMPGET, but I cannot figure out the OIDs. I've walked capable modems and cannot find any OID tree's that would jive with this. I am just looking to develop a basic SNMP tool that will poll and gather spectrum data. If anyone can assist, I would greatly appreciate it, as this is my first dive into this type of thing.

CableLabs is the right source

I don't know where you're looking. The best source in such cases are There you'll find this site:

Under Appendix IX you'll find a the right MIB OIDs. If your cable modem will not response to those MIB OIDs then the chance is high that they just don't support the feature.

Thank you

This is exactly what I was looking for, I was all over the C3 portion of their site and could not find anything like this. Thanks again for your help !

You should also be able to

You should also be able to obtain the MIBs directly from each modem manufacturer.