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Modem Upgrades / CVC info


Hey guys the CVC in a modem config file.. is the cvc based per model or per manufacturer ? We have to do a mass upgrade of software on various modems (5100,5101,6120 so forth) and i have done single modems via snmp but i believe i used the specific CVC motorola sent me .. and im not sure if this generic for Motorola products or for that modem model..

thanks in advanced,

Vendor CVC's are Per Manuafcturer. I've done automated upgrades on 4100's and higher with same CVC.

Could someone please forward me the Motorola CVC?
poge at oberlin dot net


Sent ;-)

Thanks to both you and Tom!


Hi Guys!
I'm needing that too! Could you send me the CVC for Moto?
Thank you very much in advance!!
jfernandez at cmm dot com dot py

Can someone sent to me the CVC for Motorola ? c dot gaspar at gpstechnik dot ch
Many thanks !